André Mooij is a designer and art director working on identities, printed matter, digital projects and visual research based between México and The United States.

(Not a self-portrait.)

Selected works ↴

CCF (Centro Cultural Fátima)

CCF is a cultural space located in San Pedro, Mexico, that opened its doors to the public in 2014, I was invited to design the print for the inaugural event. Inspired by the context of the building, these posters reference the modularity of this space through geometric forms.

Suave Patria

A series of posters designed as a visual narrative accompanying the poem “Suave Patria” by Ramón López Velarde as part of a group exhibition.

La Noche Triste

Flyer and invite designed for the exhibition La Noche Triste at Casa Muro, San Miguel de Allende.

Leslie Horvitz

Leslie Horvitz is a novel and non-fiction writer based in New York City. We worked on his identity, a bespoke typeface and a website that is inspired by the typewriter and the interaction of it. The typeface was designed with the intent to modernize a typewriter style font and a display intention, accompanied by a secondary typewriter-serif typeface using red and blue to add an American touch.

Los Que Hacen

Los Que Hacen is a blog/news site covering some of the best graphic design from or with origins in Mexico. Somewhat obvious, the symbol refrences the action of the first sketch, linking it to the content intended to be hosted in this website.


ASILO is/was an online moodboard for explorations in form and composition, where the only goal was to develop visual styles in an elementary way for pure experimentation purposes.

Happy Crisis (En Masse)

Poster designed, then contributed to 'En Masse' a group show at Skylab, a gallery/performance space located in Columbus, Ohio operated and curated by my good friend Greg Ponchak.


Makers is a hands-on letterpress and design studio located in Mexico, we designed a small and quirky identity focused on the movement of paper within a printing press along with some printed matter focused around the slogan "Say Yes To Letterpress."

From The Known

Artwork for 'From The Known' by Dan HabarNam / Exit Records based in London, UK. The illustration of this 12" sleeve is intended to interact with the movement of the black vinyl once it is removed from the sleeve. This project was done under the creative direction of Mircea Turcan at Restate Media.

Visual Journalism

A series of illustrations made to accompany their respective articles by different journalists covering political, social and economical issues.


Visual identity for a small company focused on developing products for people who want to start growing their own food, at home. 

He is currently Art Director at – 1    0       1, with previous stints at Ministry, Restate Media and Anagrama. Aside from his practice he has been invited to be a visiting instructor at LCI Monterrey and CEDIM (his alma mater) and also writes about design as an amateur past-time. You can find and hire him through Working Not Working.

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